Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)


Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage after surgery - heal faster

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) treatment after surgery get rid of side effect faster such as swelling, bruising, fibrosis. It is suitable for condition such as knee replacement, plastic surgery, etc. 

What is lymphedema? Causes & symptom?

Lymphedema: swelling due to dysfunction of lymphatic system. Can be caused by cancer surgery, radiation therapy, heart conditon, etc


Is my lymphedema serious? What are the stages of lymphedema?

There are 3 stages of lymphedema. Is my lymphedema reversible? 

Precaution for Lymphedema

Watch for any sign of infection such as redness, swelling, increase skin temperature, pain.



Will you suffer from abnormal lymphatic flow in normal circumstances (no cancer and operation)?

Two cases that I saw lately with the same abnormal lymphatic flow on the left chest and leg but different root causes.

Lymphedema Treatment. How do we treat?

Pain-free therapy with Dr. Vodder’s Lymph Drainage

The Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy

Manual Lymphatic drainage therapy has numerous benefit for conditions such as swelling, scars tissues, post surgical, constipation, skin condition, etc

What is Manual Lymphatic Drainage ?

MLD improve speed of lymphatic flow, redirecting if neccessary. It is a gentle, non invasive manual techniques that can greatly enhance recovery and facilitate drainage.