Manual Lymphatic drainage

The Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy


Manual Lymphatic drainage therapy has a positive effect on the following conditions:

- Stimulation of the lymphatic system.

- Oedema during pregnancy.

- Relief Fluid congestion – puffy ankles, legs, eyes, and abdomen.

- Scar tissue – improvement of lymph flow, softens and improves elasticity of the tissue,   speed up scar healing and prevent infection.

- Post surgical – mastectomy of cosmetics.

- After glandular fever.

- Sports injuries.

- Arthritis and rheumatism.

- Assistance for migraine, headaches, and MS

- Constipation and digestive disorders.

- Hormonal imbalance.

- Recurring infections – colds, flu, ear or chest.

- Skin disorders – acne, scleroderma, eczema and psoriasis.

- General health and well being.

- Reduction of the pain associated with endometriosis.

- Sedating effect on the central nervous system – promoting relaxation and reduction of  stress

- Promotes the healing of fractures, torn ligaments, sprains and lessens pain.

- Can improve many chronic conditions: sinusitus, rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, etc

- Strengthen the immune system as part of “detox” treatment.

- Is an effective component of the treatment and control of lymphoedema (which may occur  after cancer treatment) and assists in conditions arising from venous insufficiency.

- Promotes healing of wounds and burns and improves the appearance of old scars.

- Minimises or reduces stretch marks.

- Can be used to speed healing after cosmetic surgery.



- 精神倦怠疲劳、精神压力大-淋巴引流可逹到深度放松,帮助失眠,减轻焦虑,缓解抑郁,情   绪的不稳定;减少慢性疲劳。

- 肤色暗沈粗糙、缺乏弹性 、皮肤病及抗衰老。

- 电疗后的淋巴水肿现象.

- 水肿肥胖症、 眼睛晨间浮肿

- 脾湿消化不良者,饮食过度、 新陈代谢差 ,减轻肥胖症和脂肪团

- 消化系统功能问题如便秘

- 除了头痛及扁头痛,淋巴引流也可缓解各种慢性和亚急性炎症,包括鼻窦炎,支气管炎和中耳炎

- 减轻慢性疼痛如痛风,关节痛和关节炎

- 乳房胀痛,纤维囊乳房,乳房下垂

- 手术伤口、疤痕及烧伤疤痕的修复-增强血液循环及免疫力,增加清除毒素率,帮助伤疤的愈合

- 运动损伤-帮助运动损伤的康复,清除体内垃圾,并协助组织的再生,这将加强和改善组织愈合的健康

- 免疫力下降-刺激和增加淋巴细胞的产生,增强人体的机体免疫功能,幫助减少流感和感冒频次。这是对于患有免疫系统差的群体最有效的。

- 消除瘀血。