Benefits of Manual Lymphatic Drainage after surgery - heal faster

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is important no matter what surgery is completed whether orthopaedic procedure such as (knee replacement, hip replacement, etc), plastic surgery, liposuction. After surgery, body reacts to trauma response such as swelling, bruising which are part of the healing process.

MLD treatment after surgery, optimize healing process and get rid of the side effect faster. 

1. Swelling

After surgery, inflammation and edema started as a healing process which increase lymph fluids, white blood cells, and other chemicals to the area. Excessive fluid may slow down the recovery times, increase pain, increase complication such as infection, seroma. Lymphatic drainage stimulate lymph nodes and increase rhythmic contraction of the lymphatic vessels to improve speed of lymphatic flow which reduce swelling


After any surgery, blood may leak from small capillaries under the skin. MLD remove the waste products out of the areas where they trap


When lymph flow is stagnant, accumulation of protein increase causes fibrosis. Fibrosis causes tightness, thickening and hardening of tissue. MLD helps to prevent or breakdown fibrosis tissues.  PAIN MANAGEMENT :

MLD provide analgesic effect with stimulation of autonomic nervous system which reduce activity of sympathetic nervous system. In VLT, we combined manual lymphatic drainage with multiple treatment such as physiotherapy, visceral manipulation to improve your condition after surgery. Combination treatment has proved to shortened the rehabilitation time and the results is greater than exercise alone. 


  • - Reduce Pain
  • - Reduce Swelling
  • - Reduce Numbness
  • - Reduce bruises 
  • - Speed up healing process and decrease recovery time 
  • - Improve ROM 
  • - Prevent Infection, improve immunity 
  • - Detoxification