What We Do

VL Therapy and Wellness is the first to provide integrated treatment for wellness and pain management by using Dr Vodder’s Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapy, Visceral & Vascular Manipulation and Neural Manipulation Techniques.


The treatment goal is to facilitate the body to achieve its balancing and harmony which restore their vitality and normal healthy functions.


Our Expert Therapists are here to help you feel your best.

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What Our Clients Are

Amazed with how Evelyn treated me without me telling her what is my problem. Quite impressed with her hand scanning technique and manage to identify the cause of soreness. Highly recommended.

Joey Mitsuhara

Hao Ying were excellence and she helped to solve my problems. After 3 appointment sessions, my body ache and menstrual cramps had been greatly relieved. 

Mei Theng Poon

I felt unexplained body pain and wondered how to find alternative treatments. After 2 appointments with VL, the pain and tightness in the body and chest have been relieved, and I have seen good results. 


Alvin has been my trusted sports physio for the last few years, and I couldn't recommend him enough. As a martial artist himself, he has a through understanding of sports injuries and a pragmatic approach to recovery. Additionally, he will not prolong treatment unnecessarily

Vittorio Furlan 

It was amazing to know how your organs are related to each other and indirectly impact the functional movement of your body and muscles, nerves and detoxification process! Thanks for Ying and Evelyn for this kind help.

Elle Ghazali