Stomach Symptoms 胃的病症


  • Stomach Symptoms 胃的病症(並非所有人都有以下特点,僅供参考)

1) Nausea反胃

2) Heart Burn胸口闷痛

3) Early feeling of fullness when eating刚开始吃就有飽胀感

4) Abdominal Bloating肚子涨风

5) Left Shoulder and Neck pain左边肩膀及頸部疼痛

6) Lack of appetite沒有胃口

7) Left headache左前额疼痛

8) Cannot tolerate wearing belt (Compression of ptosis stomach)穿褲带不舒服(压到下垂的胃)

9) Chronic Gastric Reflux长期胃酸倒流



Who will benefit from Visceral Manipulation Therapy? 谁須要接受内脏筋膜治疗?

1) Anyone suffering from the above symptoms and the refer pain pattern from the chart who has have no relief from regular massage and therapy 有以上症状及伴随着下图的無法从种种治疗得到改善的疼痛症状:

2) People who always work with arms above head 工作时常双手举过头顶

3) Always showing symptoms of dry cough especially at night 夜里常常乾咳嗽

4) Can’t lay flat without feeling heartburn or throat irritation 平躺時常会感到喉不舒服及胸痛


Visceral (Internal organs) Referral Pain Pattern 源自于内脏的疼痛图



The Stomach and the Duodenum

1) Social stress, fear of loss of sature

2. "What I do and not what I am"

3. Appearances and self-image

4. The power of extroversion

5. Heightened intolerance to frustration

6. Poor self-esteem

7. Lack of self-confidence in childhood

8. Marked ambition; take action; sometimes overactive

9. Seductive and jealous

10. Unstable - affogance to aitruism

11. Fear of, and an inability to bear, failure

12. From feeling powerful to self-deprecation

13. Spontaneous anger

14. Need time to get over strong annoyances


Physical care

Stop smoking: mixed in with saliva, it becomes particularly toxic for the stomach. Physical exercise is essential, in order for the excess energy to be spent somewhere other than in the stomach. Choose activities that will tire you out, such as cycling, running, long walks, and cross country skiing.

Nutritional Care

Avoid taking in cold substances. Cold has a tendency to block the stomach and give it spasms, which prevents it from emptying properly. Start meals with hot soup to relax the stomach. Chew your food thoroughly. Avoid sugar; it increases acidity, especially on an empty stomach. Also avoid fatty foods: they aren't good for your stomach and increase acidity. Don't overuse aspirin and anti-inflammatory medicine. They prevent proper functioning of the protective mucus on the walls of the stomach. Avoid lemon and vinegar (except in small quantities), sugar, chocolate, alcohol, salt, spices, garlic. These increase stomach acidity and can cause acid reflux in the esophagus during the night. However two or three drops of lemon in a glass of lukewarm water will help the stomach empty out.

Psychological Care

Doing "tiring out" exercise helps get rid of excess energy, hyperactivity and decrease tension. Practicing combat sports (martial arts), can help temper impulses and increase self-control. Practice tai-chi, yoga, or other relaxation techniques.