Spleen Symptoms脾脏的病症


Spleen Symptoms 脾脏的病症(並非所有人都有以下特点,僅供参考)

1) Decreased immune system, frequent sore throat etc. 免疫系统变弱,常常喉痛

2) Left shoulder pain左边肩膀痛️

3) Decrease digestive functions, the blood flow to stomach might be affected 消化功能因为供应胃部的血液循环受到障碍而变差

4) Stitch on the left side of body 在活动中会在左侧感到一阵刺痛

5) Left ribs restriction 左边肋骨受限制

6) Wake up feeling very tired and has little tolerance for activity 睡醒后还会很累且活动量很低

7) Iron deficiency anemia 缺铁性贫血

8) Repeated sprains; muscle and ligament problems 常常会因肌肉及韧带问题而扭伤


Who will benefit from Visceral Manipulation Therapy?  谁須要接受内脏筋膜治疗?

1) Anyone suffering from the above symptoms and the refer pain pattern from the chart who has have no relief from regular massage and therapy 有以上症状及伴随着下图的無法从种种治疗得到改善的疼痛症状

2) Constipation 便秘

3) Inexplicable lethargic and fatigue (frequently link to anemia) 某名的昏昏欲睡及疲劳 (通常和贫血有关)

4) Non-specific digestive problems 非特异性的消化问题


Visceral (Internal organs) Referral Pain Pattern 内脏筋膜疼痛图 


The Pancreas and the Spleen

1) Social stress, fear of loss of stature

2) Unbearable stress

3) Unaccepted deaths

4) Fear of confronting one's mortality

5) Over-reaction when confronted with physical violence

6) Unsatisfying life

7) Crushed or stolen childhood


Specific to spleen:

1) Crushed or stolen childhood

2) Deep pessimism

3) Deep sadness

4) Despair, inconsolable sorrow

5) Devouring remorse

6) Severe childhood trauma


Physical Care

Physical exercise and play (singing, dancing, listening to music, etc.) are essential to reduce stress.

Nutritional Care

To help "digest" stress, choose foods carefully. Eat little to no sugar foods, e.g. for the spleen: jam, sweetened soda, chocolate, commercial cereals, white bread, biscuits, white rice, greasy foods, butter, cheese and alcohol. the best foods are fibre-containing vegetables and fruits, because they slow down the passage and assimilation of simple carbohydrates. They also lighten the burden out upon the pancreas by preventing extreme blood sugar swings (ups and downs). Such foods as asparagus, broccoli, cucumbers, green beans, peas, spinach, leek, garlic, cantaloupe, berries, black currants, apricots, peaches, plums, watermelon, and papaya. Eat certain starches: whole-grain bread, brown rice, beans, lentils, tabouli, and oatmeal. Fish containing a lot of omega-3 (including sardines, salmon, herring, and red mullet) are also important to eat. The spleen plays a little-known role in assimilating iron. To avoid deficiencies, eat foods that contain a lot of iron: calf's liver, potatoes, lentils, seafood, fish, eggs. The spleen benefits from foods containing significant quantities of magnesium, such as almonds, hazelnuts, cacao (raw chocolate), and soy.

Psychological Care

If the stress is not severe, chase away dark moods by enjoying the good things in life: your friends, hobbies, culture. Participate in activities that fill you with life, love, and energy. Spend time with people who make you feel at ease, who are soothing and positive. Learn to say no to others. Fix up your home: bright rooms, comfortable, pictures that invite you to dream and travel.