Gallbladder Symptoms

  1. Constipation 便秘
  2. Slight fatigue with improvement as the day progresses.在日间渐渐好起来的轻微的疲倦
  3. Nausea and frequent vomiting反胃及常常呕吐
  4. Mild depression轻微忧郁症
  5. Fat and sugar intolerances無法负荷脂肪及糖类
  6. Sinusitis鼻窦炎
  7. Elevated LDL and Triglycerides低秘度胆固醇及甘油三酸酯升高
  8. Decreases range of movement of the neck颈椎活动角度減低
  9. Shallow breathing as deep breathing put pressure on the gallbladder 呼吸变淺因为深吸气会压迫到胆囊

Who will benefit from Visceral Manipulation Therapy? 誰会须要做内脏筋膜松动术

  1. Anyone who suffer from the above symptoms (not all) and experiencing the pain pattern in the chart who has have no relief from regular massage and therapy.任何有上述症状及如下图所示的疼痛且無法从多次的按摩或其他治疗得解决疼痛的人.
  2. Stitch in lower abdomen跑步时下腹部刺痛
  3. Sense of fullness on the Right upper quadrant as well as nausea after eating fatty food.吃了肥膩的食物后会觉得右上腹胀及反胃�
  4. Right shoulder and neck pain右边肩膀及颈部疼痛
  5. Headache that start from the left frontal 从左前額开始的头疼

Visceral referral Pain Pattern内脏筋膜疼痛图

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The Gallbladder
  1. Constant preoccupation and worry
  2. Stressed by mundane matters
  3. Easily annoyed and easily irritated
  4. Hypersensitivity and hyperactivity
  5. Fear of conflict, even minor
  6. A need to stay in one place, routine
  7. Departures and separations very hard to accept
  8. Fear of exams and confrontation
  9. Extreme punctuality
  10. Slight jealous and manic depressive tendency

Physical Care

Breathing exercises and stretching relax the gallbladder. Self-massage under the right-side ribs. Start from the navel and go up toward your ribs until you feel a sensitive area. Do very light circular movements over that area. When the massage is done properly and in the right place, it will make your produce saliva - a conditional reflex.

Nutritional Care

Avoid chocolate and cooked cream - they are no friend of the gallbladder. Beware of sulphur-based preservatives (sulphites) in the food or drink (wine), or sprayed on them (appetizer nuts).

Psychological Care

Since annoyances cause blockage in the gallbladder, do everything to avoid them. Take more time to prepare and get wherever you're going, in order to spare yourself the stress of being late. Carefully prepare for trips, moves, and changes in your life. Avoid staying in places where clashes are underway.