Case Study : Restoring Mobility and Relieving Knee Pain (Part 2)

After 4 months, I was treating my dad again on 9 Sept 2023 as he started feeling left knee pain after some time again. So we did an assessment to find out what’s the cause of the knee pain. Is it from the previous trauma ? Or perhaps there is new restriction that cause the knee pain ? Hence it’s important to assess and find out what’s the root cause of the knee pain. 


So we did GL and found out there is a restriction on the left brachial plexus and tentorium restriction. Besides there is also some nerve tension when doing SLR on sciatic nerve and muscle tension on the left knee region.


Please take note that, sciatic nerve plays an important role in joint problem in the legs. Unsurprisingly, the left IT Band, medial meniscus and recurrent tendon are also in trouble hence I was applying the knowledge from Manual Articular Approach technique : Lower Extremity (MALE) on this case. Yes, it’s important to know what is actually causing the pain in the first place, instead of just working on the muscles and joints. But, it could be coming from the visceral or neural aspects etc. So it is important, to me personally, to know what is happening to the patient and help them in the session in order to have an effective and efficient treatment session. 


My dad is able to sustain and continue to function for 4 months without pain, after the previous session, I think it’s a good thing that I have learned this technique - Visceral Manipulation from Barral Institute to include into my practice. Of course, as a therapist, we do continue our education to keep ourselves updated and upgrade my skills as well so that we can provide the best to you, and whoever come to us for treatment. 


So back to my dad, after the session, I was asking him to retest by walking since he was feeling knee pain when walking. And out of my expectation, he said he felt looser and relieved on the knee when walking. However, he normally feel the pain more in the morning. Therefore, would need to observe the next day morning for the knee pain then.


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