How Physiotherapist help with Breast Cancer side effect?


The side effect of breast cancer management (surgery, chemotherapy and radiation) had causes pain and reduce in quality of life. Physiotherapist play a major role in the rehabilitation process during and after breast cancer management.


-  Decreased shoulder range of motion and mobility .

-  Scar tightness on breast or axilla area

-  Lymphedema of upper extremity

-  Upper extremity ache

-  Musculoskeletal pain (breast, axilla, neck, shoulder)

-  Numbness of upper extremity

-  Chronic pain


-  Scar mobilization

-  Lymphedema management (Manual lymphatic drainage, Bandaging, Skin care)

-  Nerve manipulation techniques

-  Range of motion exercise

-  Myofascial release

-  Joint mobilization

-  Strengthening exercises

- Visceral manipulation

- etc..


-  Reduce pain

-  Reduce scar adhesion

-  Reduce swelling and size of upper extremity

-  Reduce muscle tightness

-  Relieve nerve entrapment and numbness

-  Improve flexibility and enhance normal movement pattern

-  Improve shoulder joint mobility

-  Improve strength of upper extremity

-  Improve quality of life