Constipation And Its Healing Through Physiotherapy

What is constipation?

Constipation is an immense problem that can appear in several ways, causing some to experience infrequent bowel movements and others to have a sense of difficulty emptying their bowels. Symptoms of constipation include fewer than three bowel movements a week; dry stools, hard, or lumpy stools that are painful or difficult to empty; or sensing like not all the stool came out. There are two main types of constipation problems that are:

  • - Slow transit constipation: a regular delay in stool movement in the bowels.
  • - Obstructed constipation: an inability to fully empty your bowels despite an urgency to do so.

Constipation is the inability to relieve your bowels regularly despite recurring try. To get rid of this uncomfortable situation, you must have a full physiotherapy inspection to specify the obvious needs of your treatment. VL Therapy will provide you with a proper constipation treatment Malaysia through their comprehensive and holistic physiotherapy program to help optimize your healing and prevent any future complications.


What can cause constipation?

There are plenty of reasons why you may be suffering from constipation. A full body examination is needed to identify the root cause of the problem to provide the best possible chance of recovery. Possible causes of constipation are as follows:

  • - Following a cesarean surgery
  • - Trauma
  • - Pelvic surgery
  • - Muscle imbalance
  • - Pelvic floor muscle weakness

The colon's main job is to engulf water from residual food as it moves through the digestive system. It then produces stool. The colon’s muscles propel and then waste it out through the rectum to be released. If stool remains in the colon too long, it can come to be hard and difficult to pass (constipation).


How does we help?

Physiotherapy is a very effective way of deducting the symptoms of constipation and optimizing your recovery. An experienced physiotherapist will be able to offer you a detailed assessment and treatment program certain to your needs and goals.

1) Pelvic floor physiotherapy

Pelvic floor physical therapy manages any existing tightness in your muscles, including throughout your intestines and diaphragm. In a severe condition, pelvic floor muscles are contracting instead of loosening while striving to empty the bowels. This paradoxical muscle pattern can halt the clearing process and contribute to constipation. Retraining the muscles involved in this process to function the way they are inferred to can help keep the stool moving through the gut.

Pelvic floor physiotherapists can accomplish an internal exam both vaginally and rectally to analyze the strength and tone of your floor. Based on their findings, they can use a hands-on manual therapy technique to release tight pelvic floor muscles and also educate you on how to contact them. Whatever their outcomes may be, a pelvic floor physiotherapist can teach appropriate exercises to relax and lengthen the pelvic floor or to strengthen the pelvic floor. In addition to working on just the floor, a pelvic floor physiotherapist can work on abdominal massage to work with the transit of stool. They can also provide common advice and guidance on diet modifications and positions for toileting that may help to recover from your constipation.


2) Visceral Manipulation

Visceral manipulation is a gentle type of manual therapy that focus on organs including intestine and other internal organ. This technique encourage the normal mobility, tone and motion of the internal organ and their connective tissues. Research shows that visceral manipulation is effective in trating chronic constipation by stimulating peristalsis (muscle contractions that move food through the digestive tract), decreasing colonic transit time, increase frequency of bowel movement and reduce discomfort and pain that associate with constipation


3) Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) 

MLD increase unrination and bowel movement as the lymph waste will need to be removed from the body. This leads to an increase in urination and bowel movements, as lymphatic system eliminate lymph waste out from body. It helps to boost bosy immutiy, get rid of toxins, remove excess fluids and reduce bloating. 


4) ILU massage is a simple massage service along with the length of the ascending, transverse, and descending colon.

  • - The massage started by forming the letter I by stroking down from under your left rib cage, down to the front of the left hip bone, and forward to the pubic bone. This stroke is done 10 times.
  • - Next form the letter L by starting under your right rib cage across to the left and down to the left hip bone. This is done 10 times.
  • - Finally, at the right hip bone, going up under the right ribcage across under the left rib cage, and down to the left hip bone by ending the letter U. This has also been done 10 times.

Doing this 2-3 times throughout the day can help relieve the large intestine and increase the motility of food in the gut.


VL Therapy, a famous therapy center in Kuala Lumpur offers customized recovery programs for constipation, pre and post-operative disorders, and sports injury through physiotherapy in Malaysia. Experienced and educated sports physiotherapists create the treatment plan as per the need for looking not just at the immediate, but also to ensure that the relief becomes sustainable. To know more about the services please do visit the official website