What Is Indiba Activ Therapy?

INDIBA Activ Therapy is a deep cellular regenerative radiofrequency therapeutic system that treats injuries in a shorter period of time. Many people suffer from chronic low back pain, arthritis, and muscle pain, sports injuries, pre, and post-operative discomfort. Indiba can help in the ongoing management of this condition by reducing pain and enabling strength to work and a positive stance to improve symptoms and quality of life.

How INDIBA Activ Therapy Works?

INDIBA Activ Therapy is recognized as one of the quickest, safest, and most effective treatment for acute and chronic pathologies as well as for osteoarticular and muscle problems. It is an advanced technology, scientifically proven and patented, which is taking elite physiotherapy to the next level. The principal method of this revolutionary treatment is that it acts naturally and in a non-invasive way inside the biological tissue, generating the anti-inflammatory and tissue retrieval processes within the body itself, is a completely physiological treatment, without contraindications.

During indiba activ therapy, high-frequency currents are applied in the tissues, which produces a localized increase in the internal heating, similar to fever, generating a series of physiological and therapeutic effects that overturn that process and neutralize the negative effects derived from the passage of time or an injury. It is proven that the Cellular Regenerator is the best method to regain lost health in many physical injuries. This Capacitive Electric Transfer, concurrently with the Indiba Resistive Electric Transfer, both also known as Diathermy, does not have any side effects or contraindications as proven by latest medical research.

Sports injuries

The Indiba activ technology can be used alone or to improve the outcomes of other treatments. Combining Indiba active technology with manual therapy can promote tissue repair, stimulate recovery from injuries, reduce pain, and lessen inflammation, beginning with the very first session. As part of a comprehensive treatment approach, it may lead to remarkable results for acute muscle injury and chronic low back pain. As a result, professional sports teams started practicing this therapy unanimously.

Pain and arthritis

Indiba activ technology is a proven treatment procedure that can accelerate the body’s natural healing and restores stability. It has been used successfully for immediate pain relief and accelerated recovery at medical clinics physiotherapy centers and hospitals.

INDIBA Activ Therapy uses the power of the current that can be increased to achieve a thermal effect, as well. This application enhances deep blood flow to the affected area. A heightened blood supply means more oxygen and nutrients reach the affected area. Therefore, metabolic reactions are accelerated, inflammatory responses are gradually modulated, and tissues are restored. These actions are useful for many a wide range of specific benefits, depending on the type of cell and tissue treated. It is the system of an electric current that works at a specific frequency. INDIBA Activ Therapy provides productive treatments for a range of musculoskeletal problems, such as:

- Osteoarthritis

- Musculoskeletal injuries

- Joint pain

- Neck pain

- Low back pain

- Muscle tears

- Sprains

- Strains

- Fractures

- Tendinopathy

- Bursitis

Also, it is safe to use in many circumstances where other regenerative technologies may be contraindicated. If anyone is suffering from throbs, pain, or stiffness, and wants to reduce pain without painkillers and side effects, he can surely opt for INDIBA Activ Therapy at VL Therapy Malaysia.

Pre and post-surgery

INDIBA Activ Therapy at VL Therapy Malaysia, helps in effective recovery from pre and post-surgery treatments. It encourages lymphatic and blood circulation, helping to alleviate pain and curtailing recovery time, increasing arterial circulation, and boosting tissue oxygen flow. It is a beneficial treatment for swelling, edema, and joint mobility.

INDIBA Activ Therapy ensures a speedy healing process, immediate relief of pain, and curtail in the recovery time. The patient tends to feels pain relaxation from the very first session. This leads to more useful rehabilitation, where muscles and tendons are already relaxed. The lack of pain enables a deep treatment, providing swiftness in the recovery process, reduction of pain, and more stable results.

VL Therapy, a famous therapy center in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia offers customized recovery programs for arthritis, muscle pain, sports injuries, pre, and post-operative discomfort with the process of INDIBA Activ Therapy by a team of experienced therapists.