Can Trigeminal Neuralgia treated without medication三叉神经神经痛可以無藥治愈吗

Can Trigeminal Neuralgia treated without medication三叉神经神经痛可以無藥治愈吗?

The answer is with Neural Manipulation !!!答案就在神经松动治疗!:

Case :

My recent case  is a female in late 30 who consulted me for her facial pain and was given pain killer by her neurologist.

Today I will skip the complete process of assessment and go straight to the Trigeminal Nerve related assessment.

MTE( Manual Thermal Evaluation ): left side of face with higher density near the maxillar.

Vertex Listening: Direction of 11 o’clock and stop behind the left eye ball.


Trigeminal Nerve ganglion manipulation as taught in NM4 class. ssAfter we fixed the primary restriction , I went to check on the maxillary branch(V2) which showed highest density during MTE and work on it and balance up all the other branches together with the vascular techniques.

By the time the lady got home from the clinic, she texted and replied PAIN was gone. Pain killer was not needed in the next few days until 2 days before the next appointment when she feel slight increase of pain( not as painful as before treatment)at the gum and complain of migraine.

During the second visit. The General Listening : Cranial Vertex listening: Membrane , left posterior and RCPM test is cephalic(into the brain) Treatment at 2nd session targeted at the left Tentorium Cerebelli and the branches of the Trigeminal nerve. The C2 nerve is also manipulated as part of the program .

The client was totally free of all pain after the second visit.

Notes to ponder for me:

  1. Should I fix the Tentorium Cerebelli in first session though there is no listening(Indication)

  2. Could I have treated the Neuralgia with only 1️ session if I had done so

Found this answer when I refer back to Manual Therapy for The Cranial text book: Before any manipulation of the frontal and Trigeminal Nerve in general, it is advisable to release the (C2)Arnold Nerve.

In anatomy , the Tentorium Cerebelli is innervated by the recurrent nerve of Arnold (ophthalmic branch of Trigeminal ). Trigeminal nerve is the cranial nerve that consists of 3 major branches (ophthalmic nerve, maxillary nerve, mandibular nerve) on both sides of the face.