Liver Symptoms肝脏的病症(並非所有人都有以下特点,僅供参考)

Liver Symptoms肝脏的病症(並非所有人都有以下特点,僅供参考)

  1. Chronic Sinusitis慢性鼻炎

  2. Fatigue疲惫乏力

  3. Hypersensitivity of eye ball or scalp(R>L)眼球或者頭皮过敏(R>L)

  4. Vertigo more intense at ( awakening, end of afternoon and bedtime)晕瞬(在起床,下午及上床前較嚴重)

  5. Oily Skin, Greasy hair and Hair loss(皮肤及头发油膩及掉头发

  6. Unrested after sleep, morning tiredness that continue during the day睡醒了还觉得很累,从早到下午

Who should seek help from Visceral Manipulation Therapist


  1. People who has had the above symptoms and the pain pattern on the chart who find no relief from regular massage and therapy.有以上症状及伴随着下图的無法从种种治疗得到改善的疼痛症状

  2. Sedentary life style 少活动

  3. Gallbladder remover or Appendectomy做过胆囊或盲腸切除术

  4. Scars and adhesion to adjacent organs疤痕及週边内脏有沾黏

  5. Digestion problem 消化不良

  6. History of whiplash 曾发生过車祸事故

Visceral (Internal organs)Referral Pain Pattern 源自于内脏的疼痛图