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When you experience an injury or pain, or merely just want to move better and perform better in your sports. It can be confusing and frustrating with whom you should see to facilitate the body to achieve its balancing and harmony which restore their vitality and normal health functions.

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About Evelyn

The Begining

It all started with the intention to introduce Visceral Manipulation to the public who suffer from chronic pain. It is frustrating to feel that the pain that you experiencing seems to return soon after many sessions of therapy, some pain can’t even be described and no medical diagnosis can help to identify the pain. After the first encounter with Jean Pierre Barral’s Visceral Manipulation Courses, the founder Evelyn Neau took on the journey to master the skills in Visceral Manipulation, after thousands of hours of courses and practice in Visceral, Neural, Vascular and Manual Lymphatic Drainage....finally VL Therapy and Wellness is started in 2017 to offer this integrated technique which is new to the folks in Malaysia for the management of both chronic and acute pain.

March 2017

Evelyn started VL Therapy and Wellness based in Fraser Business Park, Kuala Lumpur Services focus on patients with chronic musculoskeletal pain, digestion problems, women and men’s health, Lymphedema management for cancer survivors

  • June 2020

    June 2020

    VL Therapy and Wellness (VLT) was co-founded by Evelyn, Alvin and Cheng who share the vision of bringing the holistic and integrated therapy to the public. Alvin Lim who specializes in Sports and performance enhancement therapy and Cheng a neuro rehab specialist also offers pre- and post-operations home care and clinic services to get the clients back to their normal function and independent lifestyle.

  • Alvin Lim

    Alvin Lim

    In September 2017, Alvin started his own practice with a mission of helping people achieving peak performance, not just in sports, but all aspects in our lives. Besides that, he wants to educate everyone about their pains and injuries. Alvin is an experienced physiotherapist treating in musculoskeletal and sport injuries, he is a regular guest to local TV show called Living Delight on 8TV to share about physiotherapy. Besides, he was also invited to different podcasts too. Alvin joined VL Therapy with Evelyn and Cheng in April 2020 to continue helping more people to achieve peak performance. Alvin enjoys doing martial arts, reading and workout during his free time.

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  • Cheng Guek Ling

    Cheng Guek Ling

    After more than 22 years working in medical centre, knowing the limitations decided to leave the medical centre, to look for more holistic treatment methods for clients. Coincidentally, Evelyn, my senior during university, and I have had plan to open new centers, to help more people with holistic approaches and seeing the strong demand of the approach. we meet up with another partner and this is how we start up VL therapy.

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