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    "Been there to treat my lower back that has been haunting me for many years. Evelyn is very patience and professional in explaining and the treatment was pretty gentle and extraordinary, go experience it yourself. Just after 1st treatment, I already felt so much better. It's definitely worth the try, highly recommended. "

    Redmiddle Aw
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    "Thanks for Ms Cheng in helping on my cold shoulder problems. Thanks for you great services. "

    Geok Hua Tan
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    "Alvin has been my trusted sports physio for the last few years, and I couldn't recommend him enough. As a martial artist himself, he has a thorough understanding of sports injuries and a pragmatic approach to recovery. Additionally, he will not prolong treatments unnecessarily "

    Vittorio Furlan
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    "Had a session with @alvin Lim and I must say the experience was quite different. I’ve had my lower back in pain for almost half a year and after the session I was very much cured! "

    -Ben Wu
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    " Hao Ying is a very good and helpful. Hope she can provide the best service to everyone "

    Hu Chung Sheng
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    "The Therapist Evelyn is highly trained in this field. Very affectively therapy for pain and unexplained aches management. "

    Audrey Lim
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    "I go to Evelyn for an improvement in general wellness when my body is feeling sluggish. I started seeing her on the excellent recommendation of a friend and I myself highly recommend going to her. "

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    "Evelyn is professional & patient. After 2 sessions of treatment, I found that my lower back pain & knee pain has significantly reduced by 50%. Looking forward to my third treatment. "

    Anges Leong
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    "Evelyn is a professional, full certified therapist. She listens and is very patient in answering all my questions. After undergone 2 treatments from her, my syndrome has significantly reduced. Definitely a professional that you can trust."

    Danny Ng
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    "Amazed with how Evelyn treated me without me telling her what is my problem. Quite impressed with her hand scanning technique and manage to identify the cause of soreness. Highly recommended."

    Joey Mitsuhara