• Michelle Ong

    "I encounteredback pain on left side ofmybody stretching from neck tomytoes.I had suffered for a long time despiteseeking various treatment with no avail. I shared with Evelyn my problem during her visit tomy mum. She did assessmentusing the Visceral Manipulationtechnique onmybody and diagnosed that itwasmy descending colon’s problem. She did a colon Manipulation which was light and painless andI felt goodafter the half an hour treatment. I can sleep very well that night and my numbness was totally gone the next day." - Michelle Ong

  • Stacy Choong

    "I was having unknown left knee pain for two days and had difficulty standing up from low chair before my appointment with Evelyn. After her assessment using the technique called Listening Skill, she locate that I had some tension inmy sigmoid and no structural disorder of my left knee. Amazing enough, after her tender manipulation ofmy sigmoid, within seconds, I stood up from the low chair painless, i couldn't believe itso that I tried several time again and I am totally pain free. This is not the first time I had good result from her management, she treatedmy headache two months ago with a different technique called neural manipulation. I asked her how did you choose which technique to use, she said itis solely based on the assessment and the need of different approach is based on the problems detected. I strongly recommend Evelyn for her personalized treatment." - Stacy Choong

  • Mai Leen

    "My maid had severe outbreak of acne for several months and constantly feeling tired. Evelyn is kind enough to check on her and said that my maid had some problem in her liver. She did some form ofLiver technique to restore the normal function and after one week,my maid’s show improvement in the skin and not complaining of fatigue anymore, till now after several months, the skin remain clear of acne and weare happy to know that one treatment can have such a lasting effect?" - Mai Leen