Intestine Symptoms的病症 (並非所有人都有以下特点,僅供参考)

Intestine Symptoms的病症

  1. Chronic low back pain 下背痛
  2. Non-Traumatic knee pain没有外伤引起的膝盖疼痛

  3. Sciatica 坐骨神经痛
  4. Constipation and/diarrhea便秘及/腹瀉

  5. Pain in the lower abdomen(Discomfort throughout the entire abdomen if the small intestine prolapse)下腹部疼痛(如果是小肠下垂会引起整个腹腔不适)

  6. Non-specific headache or dull foggy head 非特定性的头疼或者觉得头很沉悶

  7. Pain at abdomen when breathing out(shallow breathing)吐气时会觉得腹部疼痛(呼吸很淺)

Who will benefit from Visceral Manipulation Therapy 誰会须要做内脏筋膜松动术

  1. Anyone who suffer from the above symptoms (not all) and experiencing the pain pattern in the chart who has have no relief from regular massage and therapy.任何有上述症状及如下图所示的疼痛且無法从多次的按摩或其他治疗得解决疼痛的人.
  2. Menstruation pain in adolescences 发育期少女的經痛

  3. Recurrent muscle spasm throughout the whole body 全身经常会发生痙攣

  4. Fatigue in the afternoon and fatigue with insomnia or restless sleeping in the middle of the night.在下午会觉得累,失眠或者半夜会睡不稳