What is Lymphedema?

Lymphedema is a visible and palpable swelling of a body part, usually an arm or a leg. The protein rich fluid, called lymph, gets stuck in the tissue spaces when lymphatic vessels are absent, underdeveloped, or blocked. Damage to the lymphatic vessels can be caused by trauma, reconstructive surgeries, infection, radiation, and/or disease.


Lymphedema treatment in the context of Combined Decongest by VisceroLymph Therapy

Certified Dr Vodder’s Lymphedema Therapist


VisceroLymph Therapy is proud to provide the service of Lymphedema management to patients suffer from lymphedema of the arms after breast cancer surgery and lymphedema of the legs after abdominal surgery.


Medical literature documents that roughly one woman out of five will develop arm lymphedema within three years of breast cancer surgery and post-operative radiation therapy. Similar data are known for lymphedema of the legs following abdominal surgery.

Early intensive treatment of edema and education to patients are the key services of the VisceroLymph Therapy