In addition to Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage, another important pillar of lymphedema treatment is correct and consistent bandaging. (Compression) bandaging supports the positive effect of MLD and prevent the refill of the fluid to the affected limbs.

Compression Therapy may include the use of short stretch bandaging and compression sleeve.

  • It supports the elasticity of the skin and underlying tissues so that they may return to their normal shape.
  • Improves the efficacy of the pumping action of muscles which increases both lymph and venous return
  • A mild increase in total tissue pressure minimizing arterial filtration which in turn reduce the refilling of fluid in the interstitial tissue.
  • Helps maintain the shape of the limb.
  • Also serves to soften fibrosis. Fibrosis are changes in skin texture frequently associated with lymphedema. The proteins accumulated in the tissue cause the tissue to harden which will lead to more swelling as the fibrosis can impede the flow of fluid.

Compression stockings

Wearing compression stockings is indispensable for maintaining the positive effects of Dr. Vodder’s MLD. When the edema is stable, measurements are taken for individually fitted compression stockings, as prescribed by our therapist. These stockings are given to patients for post-intensive therapy which is 2x/week during the early phase of maintenance period.

If patients wear their prescribed stockings on a daily basis, the success of their intensive therapy (edema volume reduction) will be maintained over a long period of time, during which venous and lymphatic return are stimulated and missing tissue pressure is substituted and compensated.

There are two basic types of compression hosiery, flat bed knit stockings and circular knit stockings:

Flat knit stockings: feature seams down the back, are suited for high Compression Classes and offer many made-to-measure varieties for special needs, comfortable to wear

Circular knit stockings: have no seams; suited for lower Compression Classes and comfortable to wear, but provide only a few made-to-measure options for special needs